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"You Saved Your Betta's Life From the Pet Store's Tiny Cup. Now Learn How to
Make Your Betta Into the Most Comfortable, Safe, and Cared-For Fish in the

- By Marcus Song

Who Else Wants a Beautiful, Healthy Betta Fish... Swimming Happily in a
Stunning Tank... Without Having to Spend a Bundle or Constantly Worry About
Your Betta's Health?

From: Marcus Song
Written: Saturday, 9:07 A.M.

Dear Fellow Betta Lover,

Alone in the bathroom, feeling helpless as my kids cried. I'd just had
to flush Ruddy, our beloved betta fish, down the toilet.

On a cold, bleak winter day a few years ago, that was the final sad
result of the first betta fish I'd bought.

It shouldn't have ended up that way. I remember the first time I went
into a pet store and saw that majestic looking betta, bright red with
flowing fins, crammed into a tiny little plastic cup.

There wasn't enough room for him to swim. Heck, he couldn't even move.
Nor could he even spread out those amazing fins.

So I decided I had to buy that noble fish. I had to save his life and
give him the happiness he deserved after being treated so cruelly by
the pet store.

But only a few months after taking him home, I failed. It seemed like
even though I did everything I thought I should, my betta still died.

I tried again with other bettas. They did okay (living average
lifespans), but it seemed like there would always be something wrong
with them. A betta would stop eating for days. The next week another
betta's beautiful fins would split... and then never heal... no matter
what I did.

Then there would be the persistent fin rot popping up on my fish.

I kept their water insanely clean. I treated them like pampered
royalty, catering to all their wants. I followed all the instructions I

But still, there was always something. I got so tired of it. I'm a
grown man -- which makes me ashamed to admit this -- but there were
days I broke down and cried. I love bettas and want to do everything I
can for them.

About the only thing I had going for me was my persistence -- my
ability to do in-depth research and my drive to become a good "betta

I figured it might be a waste of time, but I kept up my research... for
4 years, spending a total of $12,400 in the process. I interviewed
betta fish experts (even traveling to Thailand on one occasion and
Singapore another time, to pick the brains of the world's foremost
betta experts).

I bought all the products I could find (exotic fish foods, every
conceivable tank accessory, etc.), learning everything about them.

I intensely studied everything I could to discover the insider secrets.
I spent literally thousands of hours toiling on the Internet, burying
myself in stacks of books at the library, and buying up and devouring
every book on fish I could find.

And what I uncovered changed the life of my bettas in a big, big way.

You see, I went from this frustrated, aggravated guy who was ready to
give up on trying to keep bettas...

To suddenly finding myself with thriving bettas swimming happily in
their tanks... where anyone who came over to our house would be
enchanted by their bright colors and magnificent fins... and then would
literally beg me to teach them my secrets.

My friends would tell me of their bad experiences with bettas. It was
too much work to keep the water clean... or their bettas got sick... or
they had to spend so much money it was no longer worth the hassle if
their betta's health was just going to wither away no matter what they

Do These Downsides of Owning a Betta Sound Familiar?

Since becoming an expert when it comes to bettas... and getting into
breeding them professionally (I now own 207 bettas!)... I have
experienced not only my own problems in the beginning but also heard so
many horror stories from people.

Below are unedited examples of things people wrote to me when I was
putting together my guide:

"I feel frustrated because I had to replace yet another water
heater. It cost me $30. Not to mention the cost of gas to drive to
the pet store. Plus the 2 hours of my life that I spent going on my
pet store errand. And on top of that, I still wasn't even sure that
I'd gotten the right water heater!"
- Jason M., Sacramento, California

Jason went on to tell me how the hobby of betta keeping cost him a
hundred times more than he thought it would.

That is how, he concluded, the pet stores suck you in. They cram bettas
into cups so tiny they can't even stretch their fins. You feel sorry
for the bettas and buy one of them for 5 or 10 dollars... take him
home... and then find out you then have to buy hundreds of dollars of
equipment -- which might not even work!

Here's what one woman said who was ready to quit keeping bettas:

"My bettas get sick so much of the time and so many of them die. It
makes me feel like an awful fish mommy. It takes so much anguish to
nurse them back to health, or they die and I have to cry about the
horrible loss of my pet."
- Jill Stevens, of Atlanta, Georgia

I heard from a lot of other frustrated betta owners as well:

"It's too much work. I hate having to change the water so much."
- Jeff P., Barstow, California
"Mopes around with no energy and I donno what to do."
- William Tan, Singapore
"I worry that my betta will be okay if I take a vacation and leave
him home for a few days."
- Julie Boyd, SeaTac, Washington
"Will the water heater break and then cause a fire that burns down
my house? Will the aquarium leak and flood, causing thousands of
dollars in structural damage to my house?"
- Jason M., Sacramento, California

Bettas Don't Have to be Complicated... If You Use the Methods I Will Give You

In fact, bettas can be very low maintenance. They can be inexpensive to
take care of. They can be happy and healthy. And it's easy to do with
the information you'll discover in the coveted guide I created.

More on that in a minude, but first...

Do You Know Why People Like Bettas So Much?

1. Their amazing good looks. Everyone's amazed by the rich colors of my
bettas and their dramatic fins. They're stunning little creatures. In
my large collection of bettas I've got everything you can imagine.
There's Rusty, who's red with shiny green fins. Kermit, who's green.
Marvin, my marble. Sunny, my solid yellow. Mermaid, my turquoise

2. Bettas have personality, unlike so many other types of fish. They
wag their tails, have minds of their own, and enchant people with their
cute antics. To display their personality they do need to be healthy
and happy though, and I'll give you the secrets to make it easy for

3. They're addictive! Once you unlock the secrets of how to care for
them, how can you not fall in love with the sight of their wiggly,
vibrant bodies excited to see you? How can you not become fascinated by
all of those radiant colors swimming around?

The Secrets of Having Cheerful, Peppy, and Long-Lived Betta Fish... Without
Having to Spend a Lot of Cash... And Without Ever Having to Do Much Work!

You see, once you have these secrets all the "work" of caring for betta
fish will be done for you... automatically!

You can just "flip on" the ideal conditions... and... instantly bring
stunning... and thriving... bettas into your life!

And rest assured: my guide isn't just some picture book like you find
in the pet stores. You know what I mean -- they have incredible
pictures of bettas, but the text itself is just fluff and filler.

Instead my guide is packed with useful information gleaned from the
most hush-hush secrets revealed to me by betta breeders to raise the
most incredible fish. They work for anyone, anywhere and at any time
(no matter how bad of a "betta parent" you think you are right now).

betta fish

Taking care of your betta is easy and inexpensive. Caring For Betta
Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers by Marcus Song will show you

Not too long ago, I package up all these secrets in a concise package I
call Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers.

Rather than having to go through a struggle, you can simply read what's
in my guide and easily discover all the advanced secrets contained
within... without having to go through all of the toil and expense that
I did. And -- without making all the mistakes that I did.

I wrote it in plain, conversational English that's easy to follow. Even
if you've never owned a betta before and don't know the first thing
about them (other than you want one). As a complete system, my guide
will reveal to you everything you need to know about your bettas.

Some people call it the lazy person's way to easy betta fish care.
It'll save you so much time and worry (not to mention money) that you
can start enjoying your bettas for a change.

Here's a quick look at just a few of the valuable techniques I share
with you:
* The ideal water temperature, thoroughly tested by 27 expert
breeders, to keep a betta's tank. Water temperature is extremely
important. It can make your fish lively (not sluggish) and even
keep destructive bacteria to a minimum so that your Betta is happy
and healthy. I also reveal how you can keep the water temperature
at that ideal level. (Page 24.)
* When you put a betta into a brand new tank, there can often be high
levels of ammonia build-up, which makes your fish sick. You'll
learn how to avoid that, using my very private "seeding" method.
(Page 25)
* Good news: despite what you might have heard, bettas don't
necessarily have to live by themselves, as long as you follow these
9 rules. (Page 22)
* You an even have two males in the same tank together (and they
won't fight with each other!) under these special conditions. (Page
* Learn what the best food is to give your betta and why. You'll also
learn what treats should only be given in moderation. You won't
need to worry anymore about whether you're feeding your betta
nourishing foods, since you'll know what exactly to do. (Chapter 6)
* Plus... what to do if your betta won't eat. Don't be alarmed. Just
follow these two simple steps. (Page 32)
* The exact time of day, according to biologists, when it's best to
feed your betta. (Page 34)
* A guide to boosting your betta's life expectancy. It's normal to
become highly attached to your little one. Follow these unbreakable
rules and your Betta will be alive and thriving for as long as
possible. (Page 49)
* What you must do before bringing home your new pet betta. Doing
this simple series of steps can avoid having your fish die from
"New Tank Syndrome." (Page 20)
* What it means when the tank keeps getting a foul smell even though
you cleaned it... and what you can do to get rid of the odor once
and for all. (Page 32)
* Give even the most aggressive male bettas the best possible life of
socializing with other bettas -- without any risk whatsoever of
there being a fight! (Page 13)
* Bettas have a unique ability to breathe the same air we do.
Discover why this means bettas should be in a different kind of
tank than other types of fish -- and how specifically to make your
tank "betta-friendly" so your little one can breathe as easily as
possible. (Page 8)
* How to safely and humanely prevent your Betta from jumping out of
his bowl. (Bettas must not dry out -- which is what could happen if
they jump out of their bowl -- causing them to die.) (Page 8)
* My very private method of giving your betta the means to live a
long, vigorous life. (Page 13)
* If you ever are going to take your betta to a show competition,
your little guy will need to flare for the judges. I'll show you an
easy, insider's trick used by top betta breeders to get them to
flare practically on command. Even if you'll never go to a show,
this trick will make your friends ask you what your secret is.
(Page 13)
* If you do decide to get your betta from a pet store (as most
hobbyists do) watch for these 7 danger signs and you'll maximize
the chances of bringing home a happy betta. (Page 16)
* The 7 steps of introducing your betta to his new environment. (I
cover everything from the best place to put your betta's tank to
how exactly to put him into the new tank so that he doesn't go into
shock and possibly die) (Page 19)
* How to train your betta to swim around the tank in whatever pattern
you command. Your friends will be dazzled! (Page 55)

Does It Seem Like No Matter What You Do, There's Always Something Wrong With
Your Betta?

That is a common problem. You see, bettas die easily.

And the death of a Betta can be devastatingly sad for those who
experience it. Your friends simply don't understand that it's not "just
a fish." It's your baby that you loved and looked after with all your

I have experienced this all too well myself.

Ever want to see how many people give up on the hobby of keeping bettas
(and fish in general)? Check out your local newspaper's classifieds.
There'll be tanks and aquariums for sale -- and maybe even fish

It's just one thing after another. Eventually what was once a fun,
relaxing hobby... becomes a big headache having to deal with one health
issue after another. And the worst part about it is that it's not your
fault, because you did the best you could!

That's why I provide a complete Troubleshooting Guide that will list
every symptom of illness. It then reveals what the possible causes of
the symptoms are -- then tells you what exactly to do about them. It's
like having your own fish expert right there at your beck and call. No
matter what the problem is you're having -- and no matter what time of
day -- the expert is right there to take you by the hand and help you.

In the Troubleshooting Guide you'll learn what it means when you see
these symptoms, and what you can do to easily solve them:
* Your bettas lose their appetite and become sluggish. (Page 36)
* Your betta has cloudy eyes. (Page 43)
* You see split or shredded fins. (Page 38)
* Your betta loses color or develops horizontal stripes. (Page 39)
* Your betta's body is swollen. You may see him floating on his side
at the top of the water unable to balance himself. Maybe he even
has trouble breathing. (Page 40)
* One or both of your betta's eyes are bulging. Your betta may also
lose his appetite and become less energetic. (Page 45)
* Your betta's fins are withering away and disintegrating. (Page 46)
* What to do about ick, a condition where your betta has small white
spots on his skin and fins that look like salt crystals. Ick is a
bacterial infection that drains your fish's energy until he dies.
The good news is that you can add this substance (available at any
grocery store) to your betta's tank. This is a much cheaper option
than buying expensive ick medication -- and usually is just as
effective. (Page 41)
* What exactly to do about fin rot so that it heals and never comes
back. (Page 45.)
* Three signs that the water could be poisoning your Betta... and
three recommended, reliable ways to check for poison... and then
remedy the situation. (Page 36.)

I wrote the Troubleshooting portion of my betta guide to be your
permanent resource... right there at your fingertips whenever you need
it. Even years from now, you'll be able to pull up -- in seconds --
everything you need to know to keep your betta healthy.

Did You Know There's An Easy Way To Reduce the Amount of Water Changes You
Have to Do by 70% to 80%?

You don't need to be a math whiz to know that cleaner water means that
much less work! Here's the secret: You can do this using a decorative
plant you can put into your betta's aquarium that eats up nitrites and
ammonia that your betta produces as waste products.

That means you won't need to clean your tank as often, and your Betta
will be happier and healthier, since he'll be swimming in cleaner

The best part about this plant is how easy it is to grow, as it doesn't
require direct sunlight, doesn't lay roots, and sinks right to the
bottom of the tank.

And it'll make your aquarium look so much more beautiful -- not to
mention your fish will love resting on its leaves! I reveal the step by
step instructions... as well as showing you places you can get this
plant easily and cheaply (and it's not your local pet store)... on page

That's just the beginning. You'll also discover...

* Does your betta need to be in a larger tank? Watch for these 3
warning signs that indicate your little one feels too confined.
(Page 8)
* Are you stuck on what to name your betta? It can be a challenge
since you're pretty much stuck with whatever name you choose. And
if you have a good name, you'll feel so much closer to your fish.
Well, all you need to do is answer this one simple question, and
you'll be able to easily come up with a name. (Page 21)
* Do not, under any circumstances, place your tank in either of these
areas, because it could cause your betta to die. (Page 25)
* A special trick to giving your betta the socialization he needs,
even if he's all by himself! (Page 14)
* How to prevent bettas from fighting. (Page 12)
* Whenever you need to transport your betta (like when you move or
when you take your betta home from the pet store)... follow these 9
rules and you'll make sure your little one arrives alive at your
house. (Page 18)
* Did you know that there is a high death rate of bettas introduced
to a new aquarium? It's caused by a lack of beneficial bacteria.
I'll give you the 6 certain steps you need to take to avoid having
your bettas get poisoned this way. (Page 20)
* You probably know you should NEVER put two males in the same
aquarium together. However, there's an exception to the rule, using
this top secret technique to simulate conditions from nature, which
allows you to get away with having up to two males (and 4 or so
females) together in a 10+ gallon tank... with zero problems
whatsoever! (Page 22)
* If you've been using bottled water for your betta, you've been
wasting your money. I'll show you the best kind of water to use
(and no, it's not water from directly out of your tap). (Page 28)

I Always Get Asked -- "But What About Cleaning a Betta's Tank? Is There An
Easy Way to Do It?" You Bet. See page 31 for details on my very private
6-step method.

* A guide to getting your male betta used to having a female in his
tank. (Page 12)
* How to add a betta to your existing aquarium community (made up of
non-bettas) without there being a fight or any kind of trouble.
(Page 22)
* At a bare minimum for your betta to be happy, plan to have this
much water. (Page 24)
* If you buy a used tank, use these special ingredients (NOT soap,
which can harm your betta) to make the tank clean and safe for your
little one. (Page 25)
* Sometimes an overly excited male betta will bite his own tail,
resulting in injury. Use these 5 specific steps to create a
soothing environment that stops this harmful behavior. (Page 14)
* What to do when getting a water heater to make sure you're getting
the one you need. This tip could save you $50 or more because it
will make sure you get the right heater you need the first time.
(Page 25)
* A 100% foolproof method to prevent your betta from ever nipping at
you. (Page 15)
* If you're not using a water filtration system, it's important you
follow this 6-step water cleansing procedure. (Page 29)
* Learn the best kind of filtration system to use. (Page 30)
* Why you don't need an outside power filter for your betta's tank,
no matter how large it is. (Page 30)
* Why you should use strong caution when it comes to using powered
filters. (Page 31)
* Train your betta to jump through a hoop! Can you imagine how
impressed your friends will be when they see that? I reveal the
step by step instructions on page 56.
* If you notice a foul smell from your betta's bowl, here's why. And
here's what you can do about it. (Page 32)
* The healthiest food you can feed your betta. (It's the food that
top breeders use.) Plus a special insider trick you can use with
that food to make it easier to feed to your fish. (Page 33)

And That's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Discover With My System

Do you know what the exciting part is? That you can be learning these
secrets to having a healthy, strong, and beautiful betta... without
spending much money or having to worry... and all without having to do
much work... in just two minutes from now.

That's because I've made my guide digital... which means you can have
it instantly! There's no need to wait day after day for a box to arrive
in the mail. And there's no need to wait in line at a bookstore.

Instead you'll get immediate access to this valuable information so you
can start applying it right away.

If you haven't ever downloaded anything off the Internet before, don't
worry -- I'll give you easy directions. (Even my 72 year-old
father-in-law -- who has a phobia of computers -- was able to download
and read the material without a hitch.)

Plus I'm here to help you. If you have trouble, just shoot me a quick
email and I'll help you get your copy ASAP.

Click here to secure your copy of my system and give your betta fish a
wonderful life (immediate download)!

Secrets the Pet Stores Don't Want You to Know

Many pet stores unfortunately just see the money involved and couldn't
care less about the animals they sell. That's why they cram bettas into
those tiny cups. More bettas in more tiny cups means more money for

What pet stores don't tell you is how expensive they make betta keeping
for you. Sure you can buy that poor betta who you're saving from a life
of being crammed into that tiny cup... but then you discover that
heaters and other equipment cost a lot more than they told you it
would. (But the problem is you don't know what equipment to get!)

Then on top of that the pet stores make money when your fish die. Why?
Because you're just going to buy more fish of course!

They don't always intend to be money grubbing of course. The typical
pet store employee simply counts the hours till they can clock out of
work and go get more beer and cigarettes. Certainly compassion for the
animals... or for your wallet... does not mean a thing to them.

Well, the good news is that with my guide you can save your money. I
reveal to you all of the secrets that the pet stores don't want you to
know. You'll be laughing all the way to bank as you discover one
money-saving tip after another.

Please take a look at what some of my readers have said...

"Just downloaded your book(s) yesterday, I'm about halfway through
Caring for Betta Fish and thoroughly enjoying it! As was stated on your
website I'm sorry that I didn't download them sooner."

- John Shewchuk
Sarasota, FL

"I am so glad you wrote this book! I went to two major book stores in
my area. They had betta books, but nothing specific enough to feel
comfortable on how to care for the fish. Now I feel confident about
helping my fish to live in an appropriate environment. Thanks so much."

- Esther Hopper

"Thanks Marc: These are the two most energetic bettas I've had, or I'm
just learning better ways of keeping them healthy. Your publications
are very helpful."

- Vicky Gonzales

I just wanted to thank you so much for your valuable information which
saved me literally hundreds of dollars. Without your e-book I would
have experimented (and made mistakes with) the wrong kind of tank
heater and filter, the wrong sized tank, and wasted money on all the
chemicals pushed at the pet store. I'm one of those people who wasted
money years ago on a fancy aquarium, only to have it gather dust in my
attic and be a constant reminder of how much money I've blown.
Thanks for your book. I know it will helpful to many."

- Michael Blair
Miami, FL

"Dear Marcus,
I liked that your book is a complete betta owner's manual. As a new
owner looking for the basics, you gave me all of the practicalities I
needed in order to give my betta the daily care he needs. Yours is a
great source of in-depth information and helped me with the questions I

- Jill Stevens
Atlanta, GA

Click here to secure your copy of my system and give your betta fish a
wonderful life (immediate download)!

I know when you get my betta lover's guide, you'll be just as happy as
the customers above who wrote me. If not, I want you to ask me for your
money back.

That's right...

You Can Just Say "Maybe" And Try My Betta Care System Without Risk For 60

In fact, you can check out my betta care system for free if you want.
That's because I offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

That means you can grab my guide, Caring for Betta Fish: An Insider's
Guide For Betta Lovers, with an open mind, knowing that you're using it

Over the next 60 days, use the information you discover. Calculate how
much money you save. Notice how happily your betta wags his tail when
you do the things you'll discover that improve his life. Notice how
impressed your friends are when they see your betta doing neat tricks
like jumping through a hoop.

Then, if you're not completely delighted with the way my guide improves
the quality of life for your betta (and for you!), I'll refund every
penny to you -- no questions asked. You don't even need to give a
reason -- your word is good enough.

But wait a minute, you must be wondering. You offer a money-back
guarantee on an ebook?

That's right...

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

I know. That sounds crazy.

But the truth is this: since you'll be downloading my guide onto your
computer, if you ask for a refund, I have no way to "get it back." In
fact, a few unethical people will come to this site with the full
intention of getting a refund and ripping me off.

I don't think you'll do that, because as someone who has saved the life
of a wonderful betta, I think you're a good person who's good for your

But here's my guarantee: grab my guide to bettas. Take your time
reading it, discovering its secrets, and applying the enormous
knowledge you'll gain.

If at any time in the next 60 days -- even on day 60 -- you decide you
want your money back, I'll give it to you. Right away. On the spot.
With no hard feelings.

Plus you'll have the guide. That means you've gotten both the insider
information from my guide and the money -- which shows you how strongly
I stand behind my betta lover's guide.

I only make this amazing guarantee because I know that 99.9% of the
people involved in the world of bettas are honest...

...and once you've tried my system -- and you feel totally satisfied
after enjoying a new, stronger relationship with your betta...

...and you'll realize that even $500 would have been a steal of a

You won't ask for a refund.

Click here to secure your copy of my system and give your betta fish a
wonderful life (immediate download)!

Plus You'll Receive, At No Extra Cost...

Bonus #1: A Special Guide to Breeding Your Bettas. (A $19 value.)

You'll discover the ins and outs -- what you need to know before going
into breeding, what it involves, etc. It'll make a task that's
confusing into not so much of a challenge since you'll have an exact
roadmap of the steps to take.

There are certain exact steps you need to take to prepare the tanks,
prepare your breeding pair, introduce them, get them to spawn... and
then take care of the fry.

I've traveled the world to interview top breeders... have become a
betta breeder... and will let you in on the insider secrets.

Bonus #2: The Betta Bucks Guide. (A $39 value.)

If you're like most Betta owners, you've been disgusted to find that
this hobby has been a lot more expensive that you thought it would be.

So if you're ready to not have to lose so much money, I'll take you by
the hand and lead you step by step to show you where you can find
wealthy Betta lovers desperate to pay you for the fish you breed. That
way your entire betta hobby can be totally free -- paid for by others!

The Free Bonuses Are a Combined $58 Value...

What's the catch? That this offer is for an extremely limited time.
Here's why.

The bonuses are valuable enough by themselves to sell separately. And
I'm planning to do that soon. There are only so many copies of these
sensational bonuses that I'm going to give out for free.

Once this special trial period is over, the offer of free bonus
materials will simply vanish. I'm sure you can understand.

Download My Guide -- You'll Be Glad You Did

You can spend the rest of your day with your bettas like you did
yesterday, wondering if there's more you can learn about them that will
make life better for them.

Or you can get some peace of mind:
* Being free from worry about whether anything will go wrong with
your betta's water, heater or tank.
* Being free from worry about your betta's health -- knowing you're
giving him the best care possible.
* Enjoying the pleasure of having a betta who's so happy he wags his
tail and dances whenever he sees you. You feel happy because you've
given him a fun life.
* Having an improved relationship with your bettas because you know
so much more about them.

If you're still thinking about getting bettas, you'll know that you'll
be able to take great care of them.

After you enter your details into the secure server, you'll be taken to
a special download page. Then when you start reading my guide, the
improvements in your betta's life will be nothing short of
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